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Nothing is worse than handing out a business
card and hearing someone say “I like your logo, it looks just like (insert someone’s name you don’t want to hear)”. A logo is supposed to not only represent what you do, but who you are. Your company is unique; you deserve a logo that tells your story. Our team will help you stand out.



A great logo can do amazing things. Think back on some of the more iconic logos over the last 50 years. How many of them don’t even need the name of the company included to be recognized? While it takes time, that type of brand identity is available to your local business too. Let us help you create an amazing logo, then we can help you build your brand.

What Makes Our Team So Special

See For Yourself

We understand that you can say nearly anything you want on a website and make everything seem perfect. That's why we want you to hear directly from our team about our culture and atmosphere. Hopefully, it wont take long for you to see how much we enjoy working with one another.

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Logo design

Socially Minded

The Internet has turned nearly everything in business on its’ head and logos are no different. Having a logo in the digital age all but requires you to have a logo that fits in a square. Don’t believe us? Go look at Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter bio photos. They all are either squares or circles. Try and fit a long short logo in there and watch it disappear. 

Guided Process

What sets an Oddly Natural logo apart from other logos is the process we go through to create it. If you just want something created and don’t really care what it looks like, we might not be for you. Our process includes helping you understand your brand better and walking you through our step-by-step process.

Brand Identity

Logos are an essential part of building a brand
identity. They show up on everything from business cards to commercials. Does your current logo actually say something about who you are as a business? If someone asked you to give your company personality traits, could you? We can help you create the big picture.

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