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Audiology Marketing For Independent Centers In 2019

We aren’t going to sugar coat the situation. Large online companies and networks made up of formally independent practices are throwing their weight around online. Independent and or private practices will always have an advantage in customer service and personal attention given to each and every patient. However, when new customers are looking for their first audiology visit or when doctors are looking to make referrals, how a hearing center appears online is extremely important. Luckily, Oddly Natural can help even the playing field with these huge organizations and keep your practice growing using audiology marketing.

There are 3 major ways to make your presence known online and get new customers using the new world of digital marketing and Oddly Natural handles all three for you, so you can get back to serving your patients.

Consistent Content Creation

The internet has the world moving a mile a minute. As soon as you post something on Facebook or Instagram, it is almost immediately pushed down by someone else posting something. That is why having a high quality audiology marketing system in place is extremely important. We work with our clients to produce engaging content multiple times a week. We also produce content specific for the platform it will be posted on. The days of producing 1 piece of information and sharing it on all your platforms are over. What does well on Facebook might not do as well Instagram. We will put the right content on the right platform.

Professional Level SEO (How High You Rank On Google)

Just having a website is not enough to compete with the direct and online sales companies. Each page of your website needs to be optimized for a specific keyword and your website needs to meet other recommendations that Google makes to move up in the rankings. We even work with clients to create specific language for website pages that need additional words to be optimized by Google. This means when potential customers search "hearing aids (your city)" your center will rank high on the list. How high you are on this list will have a major impact on the number of new calls and visitors you will generate from Google. With our simple steps we can take your online audiology marketing plan to the next level and grow your customer base.

Google and Facebook PPC (Paid Advertising)

Unfortunately, the days of posting on your Facebook page and organically reaching your current and potential customers consistently are long gone. Facebook has realized that businesses are willing to spend money to get in front of customers and had decreased the organic reach constantly over the past few years. If you want to use Google’s and Facebook’s high-powered advertising platforms to reach new customers, we are here to help. We will work with you and your team to set a budget you are comfortable with and use their powerful tools (such as retargeting and pixels) to compete for attention online. Our combination of experience AND our ability to communicate what is actually happening to our clients is what sets us apart from other companies.

Independent and small business are the backbone of our economy and our communities. We take great pride in helping these companies not only compete in the digital age but thrive. The threats to your audiology center are all over (direct to consumer commercials, hearing aid suppliers selling direct to online consumers, and/or networks buying up other centers). Oddly Natural is here to help. We are one of the best tools you can have to compete in 2019. Leave us a note today, we are ready to get to work.

Time to grow

The threats to your audiology center are everywhere (direct to consumer commercials, hearing aid suppliers selling directly online, and/or networks buying up other centers). We are here to help.

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