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It Is Time To Consider Website Reinvestment

Technology is constantly evolving and folding on top of itself. While it is constantly building something new on top of something old, every once and a while it is time to take it back to basics.

It is time to start reinvesting in the O.G. The original technological weaponry for business, websites. While Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are important changes, their algorithms have put a new emphasis on controlling your own content. When you create content and put it on your website, your own URL, you control every aspect of the content from the way it is laid out to what else is on the page. 

In the golden age of Facebook marketing, you could post something to your business page and know that up to 80% of your followers would see it in their personal feeds when they open the app. Facebook, social media marketing in general, has drastically changed over the past year.

Which brings us to website reinvestment.

1. Control Your Brand

Now local stores down the street are competing with the multi-billion-dollar technology of Amazon, and local businesses need help. One of the best ways of attracting and retaining customers is to create a brand, then develop fans of your brand. Fans will continue to buy from you even when they have easier solutions. It is one of the reasons people continue to by TOMS (basically canvas shoes) online or in department stores when they can buy the same thing at Wal-Mart. Building your business’ entire digital life on existing platforms ( takes away some of that control. A strong and functioning website allows you to tell your story the way your customers want to consume it.

2. Grow Your Business

A strong and effective website is one of the most cost-effective ways you can reach new customers and get them to buy from you. One of the easiest ways to reach customers is this… write a blog. Blogging can often feel intimidating, or it reminds people millennials on Instagram talking about lifestyle brands with neon pictures, doesn’t have to be the case. The truth is writing a blog of 400+ words helps with your websites SEO, Search Engine Optimization, meaning that is easier to find on Google. Once you get these customers to your site, integrating a site like Shopify allows you to sell directly to consumers. More sales = grow your business.

3. Protect Your Companies Future

Like I said earlier, the way any of these social media platforms treat your company can change at the drop of a hat. If they feel like they can make more money for their investors or need to change the algorithm to stay out of the glare of regulators, they will. And you and your business are at their will. Having a functioning, user-friendly, and informative site is one of the best ways to protect against that. If you have not put much thought into your website in the time Facebook has changed its algorithm (6 months), it is probably time for a website reinvestment.

Also, just for my peace of mind. Even if you don’t use our company to work on your website reinvestment, make sure you’re not renting your site. If you are renting your site, ask the company’s customer service rep what happens to the site if you stop making those monthly payments. You might be surprised what happens.