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The Blog is not Dead!

There is a move in the marketing industry from written word to video. Famously, Fox Sports entire website has gone from a mix of written word and video to strictly video content. There is a term that we use to describe this, “pivoting to video”. It is the idea that the work, time and cost of producing a well done written piece of content, is greater than the cost of doing a video. Editing, shooting, ect…Video is most cost-effective, The ROI is greater.

Many people in the industry believe that blogging is fading out, and video is taking over. For good reason, video value is extremely high. For example, Lee Drummond had a booming blog on a website…and now has her own TV show. The value and time to get your message across are much quicker on a video. Here at Oddly Natural, we love video content and believe in producing high-quality videos for our clients, but we also know that the blog is not dead!

Blogging has some major benefits.

1. Blogging constantly keeps you learning and looking for ideas for your next blog post. It is a tool that keeps you accountable to continue learning in your field.

2. Blogging is a great way to show your expertise. As an audience, your customers are constantly consuming media and information. In whatever field you might be in, there is an audience just waiting to learn and read about your experience. Whether you are a teacher, an air force pilot, or a plumber, there is an audience ready and waiting for your blog.

3. Most importantly to small businesses, creating a blog is vital for your web presence.

At Oddly Natural, we are doing web creation for many of our clients. The problem is, most small businesses have a website that might as well be an advertisement in the Yellow Pages. Most of our clients have paid someone to create a website and then it just sits there without changing or evolving with your business. Search engines will not bring up your website unless it is changing and relevant to trends and keywords. One of the best ways to stay present on the web is through blogging within your website. Search engines love blogging. It will drastically increase your capability to be returned as a result on google when you are adding more content to your site through a blog!

One of our very first clients, we took from 8th in their local industry to 2nd in organic Google results. The way we did this is through creating a blog on their website and including weekly content that is relevant and important to their audience. It does take some time, but the results are so clear! If you are looking to create a blog, or have someone write a blog for you, we would love to sit down with you. The blog isn’t dead, in fact, it is one of the best and cheapest tools that you have at your disposal. At Oddly Natural, we want to help you to take advantage of blogging and bring your company’s web presence back to life!

Time to grow

Whether you are a teacher, an air force pilot, or a plumber, there is an audience ready and waiting for your blog.

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